Road Bikes

Cannondale road bikes offer world class performance & technology in every catagory. From elite road racing and triathalon to performance sport touring & cyclocross. If your in the market for a new road bike start your search here.

Mountain Bikes

Cannondale mountain bikes are made to conquer any trail. From cross country racing hardtails & full suspension to pure gravity rigs and jumping bikes and everything in between. Your next off road adventure starts here.

Fitness Bikes

Cannondale fitness bikes makes you get fit, commute more and spend more time on two wheels.

Urban Bikes

Cannondale Urban bikes are nimble and comfortable  bikes which make the ride quicker, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

E- Bikes

Cannondale E-bikes bikes are Lightweight and power-assisted bikes that deliver a new level of performance, fun and function.

Women Bikes

Cannondale women’s bikes have the best fit, features and styles for whatever you want to do on two wheels.

Kids Bikes

Cannondale’s line of kids bikes are for serious little cyclist. These bikes are made to perform like there adult counterparts. Quality bikes for kids that really ride.